The slave falls to her stomach, face down to the floor and turned to the left,
crosses her wrists behind her back, and similarly crosses her ankles,
 her legs straight, in preparation for binding. "Bara, Kajira!" he said.
She rolled quickly to her stomach, placing her wrists behind her,
crossed, and crossing her ankles, ready to be bound.
--Explorers of Gor, pg. 77


A slave lays on her belly, parts her legs, shoulder-width apart
 and lays her arms by her sides, palms up, her forehead to the ground.
 She then crawls to her Master's feet, remaining on her belly as she does so.
"Approach me on your belly," I said. She squirmed to the table,
her hands still behind her."
--Renegades of Gor, pg. 75


 This, while not technically a command,
 is still an action the slave should remember.
 If something is thrown over her head she must
 remain silent and motionless until freed from it.
 "I then threw the second blanket,
the top blanket, over her, covering her completely.
 When a blanket, or cloak, or covering of any sort, is thrown over
a slave like this she may not speak or rise.
She must remain as she is, silent, until the Master,
or some free man, lifts the covering away."
--Explorers of Gor, pg. 94

Bracelets or Chaining Position:
 A slave kneels, thighs spread wide,
and her back arched, and extends her arms before her,
wrists together in preparation for being bound,
and head held high, eyes lowered in submission.
(A Master may require the wrists behind the back.
An alternate is the standing position,
where the slave spreads her legs shoulder width apart.)
He had removed a pair of light bracelets,
joined by about five inches of light chain, from his pouch.
 "Slave bracelets," he said. "Turn around, facing the door,
 your hands behind your back."
--Kajira of Gor, pg. 132

Capture Position:
A slave lies down upon her back,
 bending knees to place feet flat against the ground,
 hands at side and remains motionless. "
`On your back,' he said, `knees raised, heels on the floor.'
 I then lay before him, in a standard, supine capture position."
--Kajira of Gor, pg .422


A slave drops to all fours, her forearms flat on the ground,
 and lowers her head so that it is slightly above,
but not touching, the ground, raising her ass high;
she then crawls to the Master placing her head next to His boots.
 "I pointed to the stones at my feet. "Crawl," I said, in Gorean.
 The girl slipped to her belly, and, as a slave girl, crawled to my feet.
She put her lips to my foot; I felt her hair over it."
 --Tribesmen of Gor, pg. 78


 A slave stands with feet slightly farther than shoulder width apart,
 lacing fingers together behind her neck.
 "He looked me over. I blushed, under Gorean appraisal,
 I only wore my tether.
"Stand as a slave," he said. I stood beautifully, back straight,
 head high, belly sucked in, hip turned.
 No woman can stand more beautifully than as a gorean slave girl.
"Excellent," said Ladletender, smacking his lips.
"Master is pleased," I said. "Yes," he said.
"The slave too, is then pleased," I said.
 --Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 249

Gorean Bow:
This position is usually used as a punishment and
 is most painful if held for longer then five minutes at a time.
 A slave kneels, thighs spread wide, leaning over backwards
until her head touches the ground;
 placing her hands beside her head, she then pulls herself up,
arching her back, exposing her heat
and breasts for the Master's enjoyment.
 "Over her iron collar she wore a heavy leather Kur collar,
 high, heavily sewn, with its large ring.
He thrust her two wrists before her body,
into the ring he had cut from the Kur.
He then tied them inside, and to, the ring.
 He then, from his belt, tool a long length of binding fiber and,
doubling it, looped it, securing it, as its center to the ring,
 leaving two long ends. He then threw her, on her back,
 over the body, head down, of the fallen Kur.
He took the two loose ends of the binding fiber and,
taking them under the body of the fallen Kur,
dragged her wrists, elbows bent, over and above her head;
 he then, bending her knees,
tied one of the loose ends about her left ankle,
and the other about her right.
This was the Gorean Love Bow."
--Marauders of Gor, pg. 261

A slave remains in whatever position
she is in but gathers her hair and offers it to her Master.
 A slave may also show this position
 by standing with feet flat on the floor,
crossing wrists at the small of her back,
bowing gracefully at the waist, sweeping hair forward
 so that it may be easily displayed, shorn, seized,
or accessed for whatever your Master desires.
"Her master seized her from the circle
then and hurried her from the light,
 her head down, held by the hair, at his left hip.
This is a common leading position for female slaves
 being conducted short distances.
 As the master holds her hair in the left hand,
it leaves his right hand, commonly the sword hand, free."
 --Magicians of Gor, pg. 46


 A slave kneels just behind her Master's left foot.
As He moves she must remain just behind His foot,
but never come in contact with it at any time.
"The Forkbeard turned about and, one arm about Pudding,
 the other about Gunnhild, started from the dock.
 Hilda followed him, to his left.
'She heel nicely,' said Ottar.
The men and bond-maids laughed.
The Forkbeard stopped.
Hilda's face burned red with fury, but she kept her head high.
 Pet sleen are taught to heel; so,
too, sometimes, are bond-maids;
I was familiar with this sort of thing, of course;
 in the south it was quite common for slave girls;
 in various fashions in various cities, to heel their masters.
Hilda, of course, was a free woman.
 For her to heel was an incredible humiliation.
 The Forkbeard started off again, and then again stopped.
Again, Hilda followed him as before.
'She is heeling!' laughed Ottar."
--Marauders of Gor, pg. 123

 High Heel:
A slave stands three paces to the Master/Mistressís left
and awaits further instructions.

 High Harness:
 This position is used primarily with display slaves.
 The slave holds her head very high, exposing her neck.
 "Lift your head, " he said.
"Higher. Higher!" She looked up at him,
 her head far back, the leash on her throat....
"You need not now keep your head in high-harness position,"
, he said to the girl. She moved her head."
--Mercenaries of Gor, pg. 308 - 309

 Karta or Obeisance:
 A slave kneels on the ground,
her thighs spread wide for the Master's viewing pleasure,
 leans forward and places her breasts and forehead against the ground,
arms fully extended and palms against ground, crossing her ankles.
 A slight variation on this is the "suga",
which involves the slave crossing her wrists
instead of placing her palms on the ground.
"Now" I said, " and this is clearly a form of obeisance,
 bend forward and put your head to the mat,
the palms of your hands on the mat.
Good. Now lift your head a little and come forward,
 substantially keeping the position.
 Forward a little more." " But then my face will be at your feet," she said,
" My lips will be over them!" "Yes," I said,
 "Good, now, put your head down and lick and kiss my feet."
--Mercenaries of Gor, pg. 410

 Kneel to the Coffle:

A slave kneels, normally thighs parted,
 up upon the heels and lifts either the left or right wrist outwards,
 depending on the type of coffle.
"`Kneel to be coffled,' said one of the men.
 The girls knelt, closely, one behind the other,
 there were six wrist rings on the chain he carried.
 He placed the girl who had been
whipped by Lady Sabina first in the coffle line.
 `Left wrist coffle,' he said.
They lifted their left wrists, frightened.
Interestingly, the man snapping the wrist rings on the girls'
left wrists did not put the first girl in the first ring, but the second.
When the four maids were coffled there was,
 thus, an empty wrist ring both at the head and rear of the line.
 `Stand, Slaves,' said the man. `Lower chain.'
The girls stood. Then, ordered, they lowered their wrists.
They were then in line, standing, coffled."
--Slave Girl of Gor, pg.127

Koílar (collaring) or Female Submission Position:

A slave kneels at her Master's/Mistressís feet,
and leans her body back, sitting on her heels,
extends her arms upward, and crosses her wrists,
and her head beneath them lowered in submission.
 She winced, her back bent painfully.
"Do you wish me to submit to you now?" she begged.
 "Do so," said he.
She fell to her knees before him, and lifted her head to regard him.
 "I will be your slave," she said.
Then, she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head,
and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding.
 She was very beautiful.
 "I am your slave," she said, "--Master."
 --Hunters of Gor, pg. 16

 Leading Position:
A slave approaches her Master's side and bends at the waist,
gathering up her hair to present to her Master,
so He may lead her by the hair. "Leading position,' he said.
Sobbing, she rose to her feet, and put her head down,
at what would be the height of a man's waist, her legs flexed.
 A guard walked over and fastened his hand in her hair.
 `Have her whipped,' said Policrates.
`Yes, Captain,' said the man.
He then left the chamber, pulling the girl, sobbing, at his side.
" --Rogue of Gor, pg. 248

 A slave kneels with her back to her Master,
 her thighs spread wide, her back arched.
 She crosses her wrist in the small of her back.
She holds her head high turning it to the left,
eyes lowered in submission.
 "Lesha," snapped the second officer to the blond girl.
 She spun from facing him, and lifted her chin,
 turning her head to the left, placing her wrists behind her,
 as though for snapping them into slave bracelets."
 --Explorers of Gor, pg. 76

High Lesha:
Similar to lesha except done from a standing position.
 She stands with her back to her Master,
 her hands crossed at the small of her back,
 her feet shoulder width apart, back and shoulders slightly arched,
her breasts thrusting forward,
 head held high and tilted to the
left with her eyes lowered in respect and submission.


 A slave kneels with her thighs spread wide,
 arching her back slightly, lifting her breasts high,
 head held high and eyes lowered in submission,
her hands lay palms-up on her thighs.
This is the position of a pleasure silk.
"Nadu!" he snapped.
She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees.
 She knelt back on her heels, her back straight,
her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide.
It was the position of the pleasure slave."
--Explorers of Gor, pg. 77

 Fit against the Master's side,
snuggling into the crook of His arm.
 "Nestle," I told her. "Yes, Master," she said.
She nestled obediently in the crook of my left arm."
--Explorers of Gor, pg. 279

A slave lays on her belly and places her chin on her Master's feet.
"Now inch forward," I said,
 " remaining low on your belly, and when you reach my feet,
once again, as before,lifting your head a little,
 tenderly and humbly, and beautifully, as though you were a slave ,
 lick and kiss them. Good. Good.
Now take my foot and place it gently on your head.
 Very good. Now place it again on the Mat, and kiss it again.
 Good. You may now belly back a little, humbly.
 I have not yet given you permission to rise of course."
--Mercenaries of Gor, pg. 411

 A slave runs toward her goal, taking small rapid steps,
 her legs almost straight, her feet barely leaving the ground.
As she runs, her back is straight, her head is turned to the left,
her arms are at her sides with palms facing outward.
 Upon reaching her goal, she drops gracefully to her knees
and assumes the position of Nadu.
"I was amused, for she had run
as a slave girl is sometimes taught to run,
with rapid short steps, her legs almost straight,
her feet scarcely leaving the ground, back straight, head turned to the left,
arms at her sides, palms out at a forty-five degree angle,
more of a dancer's motion than a true run."
 --Assassin of Gor, pg. 45

 ďAssuming the modality of the she-quadruped.
In this discipline the female is forbidden human speech.
 She is also forbidden human posture,
 in the sense that she is not allowed to rise to her feet.
 Her locomotion, unless commanded to roll,
or put under similar commands, suitable for a pet,
 will be on all fours. Her food will be thrown to her,
 or put in pans on the ground.
In either case, she must feed without the use of her hands.
She may also, of course, be fed by hand, but, again,
will not be permitted to touch the food with her hands.
 She may be taught tricks.
Sometimes these are taught as functions of arbitrary sounds,
 so that she must learn them as any animal might,
without the benefit of an earlier understanding of the word used.
If she is slow to learn, of course,
she is punished, as would be any other animal.
When used, too, it will commonly be in the modality of the she-quadrupled.
 This discipline is often used as a punishment,
 but it may figure in the training of a new girl.
It helps her to understand what she now is,
an animal totally subject to her master."
--Mercenaries of Gor, pg. 215-216

 A slave gets down on her knees and elbows,
 clasping her hands over her head, and raising her hips;
 she then parts her thighs and arches her back,
forcing her hips even higher, exposing herself completely to Master's view;
 she readies herself to be beaten or taken sexually like an animal,
 depending on her Master's whim.
 "Melina, now a naked slave in sleen collar,
was ordered forth on her hands and knees.
 A sleen leash was attached to her collar and she was marched,
 as a she-sleen, crawling, abused, to the rape-rack."
--Slave Girl of Gor. pg. 238

Slaverís Kiss:
 A slave drops to her hands and knees,
 her forehead to the ground, her hips raised high.
She spreads her thighs wide, exposing her slave heat for her Master's pleasure.

Slave Lips:
 A slave turns her head up to her Master,
puckering her lips as she does so.
She waits motionless, forbidden to move until her Master's kiss releases her.
 "Similarly, I was not required to respond to certain sorts of commands,
 for example, to make "slave lips," pursing my lips for kissing,
or to writhe slowly before my viewers."
--Kajira of Gor, pg. 224

A slave will lie on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up,
 and with her legs spread wide;
often a girl is called into this position so that
her Master may take his pleasure with her.
 "She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back,
 her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs open."
 --Explorers of Gor, pg. 77

 A slave will lie on her back, hands at her sides,
palms up, legs widely spread,
in addition she will slowly lift her hips off the floor,
 as if she were begging to be used by her Master.
 "she lay on her back, her knees drawn up, before me.
 She arched her back. Her breasts were lifted beautifully.
I observed their lovely rise and fall,
 correlated with the respiratory cycle of her small lungs.
Then she lay back, her shoulders in the dirt,
and pressing against the earth with her small feet,
piteously lifted before me, for my examination, and seizure,
 if I pleased, the deep belly of her, the sweet cradle of her slave's heat."
 --Explorers of Gor, pg. 329

A slave kneels, bending at the waist and placing her cheek to the ground,
 then takes her Master's right foot and places it upon her neck,
and her arms behind her back with her wrists crossed.
 A slave might assume this position if she has displeased her Master,
as it shows total and complete submission,
His foot on her neck showing that she offers Him even her life freely.
 "She kneels, bending at the waist
with her hips rising into the air
 and places her left cheek to the floor.
She might, at His wish take her
Master's right foot and place it upon her neck,
moving her arms behind her back, crossing them at the wrist.
A Collared slave often greets her Master in this way.
 To touch a Master requires permission, normally.
 Swiftly we assumed a common form of slave obeisance, kneeling,
 the palms of our hands on the ground, our heads to the ground.
Many masters, though it tends to be
rather associated usually with given cities,
require this position of their girls,
usually when they first enter his presence or find themselves,
 as in a room which he has entered, in his presence."
--Dancer of Gor, pg. 114

A slave serves many uses to her Master,
one of which is to present herself as a table,
to support his feet or meal.
The slave moves to all fours, making sure that her back is level,
her head held straight, and her eyes lowered in submission.
To ensure and increase stability,
 the slave should part her thighs widely and lock her elbows.
The slave should ensure she is stable, so as not to risk spilling the meal,
or disturbing her Master, and should remain totally motionless.

This is a position of modesty,
 training white silk girls are required to serve in this position.
 A girl kneels with her body impeccably straight, her head held high,
eyes lowered, belly held taut,
 hands resting palms down on her thighs which are held firmly together.
"She had knelt at his feet in the position of the
Tower Slave as he had explained to me the plan of the Council."
--Tarnsman of Gor, pg. 65

When this command is given to a slave,
 the slave then turns gracefully,
and walks quietly across the room or camp,
 so eloquently that her feet hardly seem to leave the ground,
 her hips sway sensually, and her body is erect and proud.
When she reaches her goal she halts and stands
, her body erect and her shoulders back,
her chest thrust forward and her belly sucked inward.
The slave then turns her hips out a bit, with her hands at her sides,
and lifts and points one foot downward;
her chin is held high and her eyes are lowered.

Whipping Position or Kneeling to the Whip:
 A slave quickly drops to her knees and raises her hips,
she then places her head to the ground and
 crosses her arms across her belly., waiting motionless,
 ready to accept her Master's punishment.
 Slaves with long hair will pull their hair from
their backs so as to ensure their backs are fully exposed for the whip.
 "I went to Targo, trembling, and knelt at his feet...
I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor,
 exposing the bow of my back.
It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished.
 It is called Kneeling to the Whip."
--Captive of Gor, pg. 200


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